About Us

Falafel Fresh is a small business inspired by healthy eating and fresh ingredients launched in San Jose, California

Founded by Ibrahim, the goal of Falafel Fresh and Gyros is to educate the public about healthy, nutritious food. After 25 years of traveling the world and tasting food from many cultures, he is realizing his dream– to feed you great tasting meals that are actually good for you!

Growing up in Lebanon, Ibrahim learned to cook at his father’s side, “My parents always cooked healthy, high-fiber meals made from fresh, local ingredients. After years of eating fast food filled with additives and saturated fat, I’ve come back to my culinary roots.” It’s no wonder Ibrahim’s attitude toward food has been translated into a flavorful menu, enhanced by herbs and spices—not trans-fat.

What makes our food so special is the mixture of cultures from which the menu is drawn—Greek, Lebanese, Syrian and Turkish cuisine combine to create a taste experience you won’t forget!